Do you know if having sex can make you gain weight? According to Independent escorts in Las Vegas, you see, sex does not cause you to gain weight in the same way that eating too much can. In fact sexual activity has a beneficial effect on your body but it is not likely to cause you to gain excessive amounts of fat. This is because sex does not burn up calories and it does not affect your hormones (unlike food). So can having sex make you gain weight?

It is true that having sex will increase your body’s metabolism but this increase cannot last long. Your body soon begins to use up all the calories it has acquired during the session. Sex can help you lose weight because sex requires you to exert more effort and your metabolism requires energy, both of which will require calories to function properly.

It is unlikely that sex can make you gain weight since it is not something that you consume but it is a physical activity. Your lifestyle has a greater impact on your weight than your sexual activity. Having sex may increase your heart rate and your blood pressure. The excess calories are not burned off immediately and some of them are used up by your body’s defense system.

However, this process does not last very long. Your appetite for food returns to normal almost as soon as you have finished having sex. This means that sex cannot possibly make you gain weight. But the extra calories that you burn during sex can help you lose weight. In fact weight loss is one of the many positive effects of sex.

If you do not exercise then you should consider trying to have sex at least three times per week. This will help you burn more calories since your heart rate will increase and you will be using up more of your energy. Sex also helps release serotonin, a mood stabilizer, which means that you will be happier and healthier. This will make you more attractive to the opposite sex, who, in turn, will want to have sex with you more often. The vicious cycle of sex and weight is over!

Independent escorts suggest that sexual activity and weight loss go hand in hand because sex is a very natural and healthy way to achieve weight loss. If you do not have sex, then your body will naturally attempt to increase your metabolism in order to burn calories. This will slow down your weight loss or it will not happen at all. If you have sex then your body will automatically use its defense system, the end result being a decrease in fat cells.

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