In the last decade, the hottiest pornstars in America have tended to be the women. However, there are a few exceptions, including some very hot American men. For example, in 2014, Riley Dawson, a pornstar in the United States, became a sensation with a stunning new body and an ever-increasing appeal for sex. Her popularity has also helped increase the number of real American pornstars.

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Born in 2000, Tia Cyrus has been making a name for herself as an American pornstar for the past two years. She has a gorgeous physique, huge natural tits, and a tight and round ass. She is one of the hottest pornstars in America, and you can expect her to continue climbing the ranks in just a few short years. Her videos are constantly updated, and she is a fan favorite in both the lesbian and boy/girl scenes.

Nicolette Shea is another real American pornstar who is incredibly popular. The blonde babe became an overnight sensation when she started performing in the porn industry in 2016. Her recent career has been a meteoric rise, and she releases videos regularly. Although she is known for being a boy/girl pornstar in her videos, she is equally as hot in a lesbian setting as she is in a boy/girl scene.

Nicolette Shea, a Native American pornstar, is another American pornstar. She is a bi-sexual beauty who has made her name as a hot and horny pornstar. Her infamous oil wrestling group sex scene in Dare Dorm #27 (2017) was nominated for an AVN award. Despite her hotness, she is an excellent choice for a lesbian role.

Nicolette Shea is an American pornstar whose videos have been featured on various sites around the world. She is a beautiful blonde who became an overnight sensation when she made her first appearance in the industry. Since then, she has steadily climbed the list and continues to release new videos regularly. Despite her tiniest stature, she is an excellent performer in both lesbian and boy/girl scenes.

Ashley Graham is a native American pornstar who is a native of the state of Montana. She has a fantastic figure and is an excellent choice for a blowout. She is a good sexual force and has a very high libido. She is an excellent candidate for a virtual reality role. She has also appeared in several VR scenes. She is the best native American pornstar of the year and is a fan favorite amongst men.

There are many other real American pornstars. For example, Ashley Graham is a great example of a real American pornstar. She is a popular fetish performer and has been filmed in several girl/boy productions. Whether she is a woman or a man, she is the perfect candidate for sex. She is a great combination of hot and sexy.

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